Release notes


  • Splunk 6.x / Universal Forwarder v6.x and later Only
  • Universal Forwarders clients system lacking a Python 2.7.x interpreter requires Perl WITH Time::HiRes module available

What has been fixed by release


  • fix: is referring to TA-nmon #10


  • fix: OpenSSL lib issues on full Splunk instances #9


  • feature: Solaris - SARMON upgrade to v1.12 (Sparc FIFO mode) #6
  • fix: Rename eventgen.conf to avoid splunkd WARN messages #7


  • feature: Solaris - SARMON upgrade to v1.12 (Sparc FIFO mode) #6


  • fix: reactivating the JFSFILE / JFSINODE collections until new core release is available to prevent missing features


  • fix: Python parser - header detection correction for nmon external monitoring
  • fix: Perl parser issue - UARG parsing issue for AIX #2
  • fix: unexpected operator issue during process identification #3
  • fix: prevent bundle validation warn messages with spec files in README directory
  • feature: Add df information for improved file system monitoring and storage capacity planning
  • feature: JFSFILE/JFSINODE are being replaced (and deactivated) by external collection with DF_STORAGE/DF_INODES


  • fix: Python parser - preserve data ordering when possible during key value transformation
  • feature: eventgen implementation (2 AIX and 2 Linux servers with stress load on systems)


  • fix: Python parser issue - epoch time stamp incorrectly parsed for dynamic data #1


  • fix: check curl availability in
  • fix: redirect to null any curl stderr/stdout in
  • fix: missing log_date function in


Notes: This is the first version of the TA-nmon-hec, for practical purposes and because it shares most of the components, the TA-nmon-hec follows the TA-nmon version

  • First release of the TA-nmon-hec